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Write a picture diary

Picture diary on a free blog.  Start today.  You will be glad you did in 40 years.

Write a Picture Diary

By James H. Choi
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Dear Sabio Students,

When I look back at my life, the time I was your age, I wish I had more to remember it by.  I wish I had more pictures or more people, and that I had written more to remind me of what I thought and felt at the time.

In addition to the sentimental values, I wish I had a diary to be used as an alibi, so to speak, to answer my own wondering such as “When did I do that?” or  “When was it?”

These days I have my Outlook Calendar to keep track of not only my future appointments but also past records.  But a calendar is different from a diary.  There are no commentaries in an appointment calendar.

These days, I’ve found an easy solution.  The free blogging software WordPress — which you are reading now — lets me simply send an email with an attached photo to my WordPress account, which posts the photo to my blog.  If you use an Android or iPhone, you can use WordPress app to make your job even simpler.  What I like best about this method is that I don’t have to wait to be back at my desk.  I could be right on the spot, as events are unfolding, and write a diary complete with pictures.  It does not get fresher than this.

Of course, diaries are supposed to be private, and with WordPress you can set your blog’s privacy settings to “private.”  Only you can read that blog.  You can also create several blogs (apparently there is no limit) with one account, and have a different privacy setting for each.

So although I’m rather late beginning my photo diary in life, this works.  As I go to different places and have various thoughts and feelings, now I can capture them just by sending an email to my WordPress account.  Of course, these days even without a blog, you could just send an email to anyone in your phone — but WordPress is better.  It chronologically captures the story of your life, allowing you to easily look up your posts later.

I’ve been sending emails to my blog from different places, where I’ve felt different emotions and had many thoughts.  It could be as simple as an interior decor of a restaurant I frequently go.  With age, I realize that everything is fleeting.  Something seemingly sturdy as a restaurant’s decor will go away someday.  People around you, must sooner.  So, I am keeping a picture diary of everything that I might some day recall fondly.

I’m quite happy with it.  The only thing I could wish for is that I could have had all this when I was your age.

Well, you have it.  So you might as well use it to its fullest.
http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6378458/Column/Info/English/SpecialEvents.gifI found blogging also useful for chronicling an event for others.  For example, when I took students to HMMT (a math competition), I created a special Facebook account just for this.  Now that I know how to use WordPress, I will set up a new account, set the privacy so that the blog is open to all but nobody could search for the site, then share its URL with parents. As long as I set the URL to be something like wordPress.com/al232kjds2a5ljfasdj77adsf  no one will accidentally type that to view the blog content.  Then I updated in real time how the students were doing, what they were eating, when they went to bed.  The parents — in remote home towns — could keep up with their students just from my sending emails to this blog.

It’s too bad I had to update “we didn’t’ win any awards!” this year on the event blog, but nonetheless, I’m sure the parents found it invaluable seeing where their children were at all times and what they were doing hour by hour.  Apparently there is a way to also upload videos but I haven’t had a success doing it from my phone yet.  You can always upload to YouTube from your phone, then embed that video into your blog at a later date working on your computer, as I have for this HMMT posting.

You could do the same on Facebook, sure, but this blog is much easier to maintain.  Facebook is never meant to be a place to keep your private information.  On WordPress, the interface and the privacy setting does not change on you as Facebook does.  WordPress is your space alone under your complete control, preserving your memories with digital permanence.

Start today.  When you look back in 40 years, you will be glad you did.


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