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A day at HMMT 2011

March 7, 2012 2 comments

A day at HMMT 2011

By James H. Choi
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Korean version: HMMT 2011 의 하루

A day at HMMT

HMMT stands for Harvard MIT Math Tournament.  You can find detailed information on this site:

HMMT 2011 was held on Saturday, February 12.  I took two teams there this year, and one 8th grade student was place in 6th place in Algebra-Geometry. (this tournament is for high school students)  I took two teams last year as well, and one student was placed in the first place in Algebra.  (If you think algebra or geometry is an easy subject, please take a look at these past tests.  Make sure you are sitting down when you look at them.)

I would like to you show you a day at HMMT.  This year it was held at MIT.  Next year, it will be at Harvard. (They alternate every year.)  The videos were taken on my phone.  It is just clear enough to give an idea of the day.

Below is the registration scene.  Starting 8AM, the contestants register themselves.

After registering, and before the test starts, you can have free breakfast. you registered already, and ate already but the test didn`t start yet, this is one way some students pass time until the test.

The first test is the individual round.  It used to be two separate tests, but now it is one combined test of 20 problems and 2 hours.  You can choose two subject from Algebra, Geometry, Combinatorics and Calculus.  Thus, there are six possible combinations, and there are six testing locations.  This is Algebra-Combinatorics testing room scene.

Team round is the next test.  It is a 90 minute test (used to be 60 min).  There are two types A, and B.  A is harder (all proofs) and B is easier (only some proofs)  Each team can have up to 8 students.

This is the team I proctored in group round

While the students are taking the tests, the coaches are patiently waiting outside (if they are not proctoring).  When I was not proctoring (during Individual round) I was also watching out for the students` bags.   The sleeping bags are for my students to use that night for their “MIT dorm sleeping experience.”

Then there is lunch.  After lunch, there are mini sessions where students can learn about interesting topics presented by MIT students.  It is an intellectual relaxation time.

The last test is the Guts Round.  Most exciting and noisiest test.  The teams are graded in real time and the scores are projected in front in real time.  It feels as if one is in some sporting event.  This is also 90 minutes.

Team of 8 solves 4 problems at a time.  Then you have to run to hand in the answers, then pick up the next 4 problems.  (It used to be 3 problems until last year.)

Claire, (Sabio Academy’s director`s daughter) scoreboard, then the scene of guts round.

The end of Guts Round count down scene

Now the tests are over.  There is an award ceremony, then HMMT is over.

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