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Have a Personal Textbook Library On The Cheap

Have a Personal Textbook Library On The Cheap

feature photoBy James H. Choi
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Dear Sabio Students,

By James H. Choi

Your textbooks tend to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  When you need one at home, it’s in your locker — and vice versa.  So fix this: Have one at home and one at school.

You have one copy that was lent from your school, so you just need one more copy.  Text books are very expensive.  Pr-college students don’t realize this because someone else is paying for them, but they’re all more than $100, often $200.  You might be tempted to sell your book now knowing its price, but don’t.  (First, selling someone else’s property is illegal.  Two, you won’t get much because chances are your edition is an old one, for which no one will pay full price.)

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  1. WISE
    June 6, 2013 at 11:32 pm

    At my kid’s School, the science teacher had a set of class books and a set of home books, I.e. he had twice number of books so that class books stay in the classroom and homebooks stay with students. One year he said he will have no longer have class books b/c many books were not returned and lost. I volunteered to get the books for him so kids won’t have to carry the books. Using, Amazon, halfpricebooks, and abebooks, I was able to get 30 textbooks for < $150. The best part was that I shipped them directly to the teacher so I never saw how heavy those books were. 🙂

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