SR 100 Science Research

Dear Readers,

I am really happy (and actually proud) to announce that I have finished creating an all new SR 100 course.

The original SR 100 has been a great success. It produced no less than 5 Intel ISEF (International Science and Engineering Fair) finalists and many Regional Science Fair winners.

This all new SR 100 uses more functional language and less procedural language. It means that the statements will be more human-intuitive while it can process much more complex data. As a result, the new SR 100 is much easier to understand, to follow, and yet will allow students to apply their skills to practical problems immediately: problems that they are likely encounter during their internship in a research laboratory for example.

You can see the complete syllabus and homework assignments of all ten modules from this page. For those who wonder “Why Mathematica?”, I invite you to solve the AMC 8 problems in Module 10 with at most four lines of code of your favorite procedural language.

If an game-addicted student is looking for a way to use the computer for something constructive, academic and yet exciting, this is the course for him. Where else could he be solving a problem like this one or this one and still be considered “studying” by his parents?

The new SR 100 license runs for 10 weeks, which can be extended for those who are having difficulties and need more time to master the concept. All lectures are already prepared and students can start studying any time. I answer students’ questions, go over students’ code twice a week online (Sundays 9:15PM and Fridays 8:30PM Chicago Time) using WebEx which offers live voice chat with computer screen sharing. But I also answer email questions within 48 hours throughout the year as well. Very motivated students in vacation usually finish the course in two weeks and receive a discount from us toward the next course SR 110.

The tuition is $800. This course only works on Windows XP, Vista or 7. And you will need have Mathematica installed on your computer as well. If you are interested, please consult with us first (free, to make sure that this course is right for the student)

(The new SR 100 course is free for those who ever took the old SR 100 before. It is $600 for newsletter subscribers. You should have received an email from me already.)


James Choi

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