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How to Enable Dropbox Public Folder

How to Enable Dropbox Public Folder

By James H. Choi
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Dropbox’s Public Folder is an incredibly useful feature.  Dropbox was going to eliminate that feature, then wisely brought it back.  For those who cannot find Public folder on your Dropbox folder can follow these instructions to install Public folder.

Step 1: Click this link.  https://www.dropbox.com/enable_public_folder  Then you will see the following.  Click “Enable Public Folder” button.



Step 2: Then you will see the following.  Click “Send mail”


Step 3:  You will get an email that shows the following screen.  Click “Verify Your Email.”


Step 4: Now, click “Done” on the following screen.


Step 5: Last step.  If you see the following screen, your public folder was successfully installed.



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